Architectural Handrails & Stainless Steel Fabrication

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Carson Valley fabricates custom fabricated architectural elements including stainless steel handrails and panels to enhance the look and feel of interior and exterior spaces.  We work closely with architectural teams on commercial and residential remodels and with subcontracting firms on tenant improvements and enhancements.  Our stainless steel handrails and sheet metal fabrication is variously described as contemporary, elegant, innovative, and eye-catching. It is always custom made, built and installed by our own Carson Valley crew.

Decorative Stainless Steel Panels Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Architectural Stainless Steel Handrails

  • Carson Valley fabricates elegant stainless steel contemporary staircase handrails.
  • For exterior and interior applications such as company office buildings, retail and commercial spaces, libraries, houses of worship, educational facilities and hotels where the look and feel of our handrails suits the architecture.
  • Carson Valley handrails exhibit a clean, visually attractive and seamless look.
  • We fabricate vertical stainless steel tube handrails that make strong and safe handrails and are great for protection in common areas.
  • We fashion horizontal stainless steel tube handrails that accentuate the shape of the architecture, landscape or environment.
  • We install our custom crafted handrails anywhere they are called for - on staircase stringer boards, along landings, around balconies, on walkways.

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

  • Common and Exotic Stainless Steel

While we can work with any stainless steel, Type 304 stainless steel is the one most specified in Carson Valley projects because it has good corrosion and oxidation resistance, and long-lasting durability. It is well suited to architectural applications and is a regulatory requirement in food processing operations. We also work with exotic stainless steel with a special patina or surface look.  Applications for exotic stainless include exterior fascia or decorative panels.

  • Experienced Welders

Carson Valley welders are experienced artisans at stainless steel heliarc® welding.   This welding process is refined and intricate. It produces high quality, precision results for the seamless look that our customers count on.

Decorative Stainless Steel Panels

  • We fabricate panel cladding to meet any design criteria for horizontal and vertical surfaces, including columns, walls, ceilings and free-hanging. 
  • We work with decorative finishes, such as perforated, abrasive, highly reflective, or lacquered.
  • Out-of- the-ordinary panel sizes can be accommodated at the Carson Valley shop.
  • We specialize in fabricating customized panel breaks and angles.

Custom Stainless Steel Fabrication

      • Carson Valley fabricates fascia, store fronts, entrances, doors, trim, racks, displays, shelving, and even entire kitchens using stainless steel.
      • If you can picture it made of or covered by stainless steel we can cut, bend, mill, grind, weld and install it to fit the application. 
      • Our dedication to craftsmanship is apparent in the custom look of every finished piece of stainless steel we make.
      • See samples of our work while traveling along Hollywood Boulevard to the Valley, strolling down Rodeo Drive, standing on Melrose, or while browsing in Ventura.

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